Apartment House Orebitska


Our Apartment house is located in quarter with residental parking zones. It means, that in the streets are signed "the BLUE zones" which are dedicated for residents, people who are living here.

All guests can come to our house and let their car in front of hotel Ostas (across the street). There is service place dedicated for load and unload. There is possible to stay about 15 minutes. It is enough time to move luggage and check-in It is possible to move the car to "ORANGE" or "GREEN parking zone" after check-in. It means the spaces which are signed orange lines and there are parking meter. This zones paid from 8 to 18 from Monday to Friday. This zones are free to use from Friday 18:00 to Monday 8:00 a.m. The orange zones are dedicated for short time parking for 2 hours, price is 20kc/hour. The green zones are dedicate for middle time parking for 6 hours, price is 15kc/hour. Zones nearby our house.

The map of zones in whole quarter Prague 3 - Zizkov

It is possible to park in places, which is without charge. It is possible in neighbouring quarter "Karlin". It is near from our house, but it could be trouble to find a place there. See on the map

The second possibility is parking in Prague 3, but farter away from centre of city. See on the map

At the end it is possible to park the car in the safe underground garages. There is safe possibility for guests, who prefer to park their car in the monitored and guarded place.Map of garages

The first possibility is Hotel Olsanka The price for parking is here 300Kc/24 hours. It is better to have reservation for sure

The second possibility is Mahlerovy sady - Zizkov TV tower The price for parking is here 500Kc/24 hours. It is not necessary to have reservation.

The third possibility is Palac Flora The price for parking is here 300Kc/24 hours. It is not necessary to have reservation.