Handover of keys

The little caffe Saturnin is located in the groundfloor of Guesthouse Saturnin. This caffé is simultaneously bar and reception for guesthouse. There is open every day between 15:00 and 22:00.
The staff of this bar gives you the keys from booked apartment and provides basic info.

If you will come later, it is suitable to arrange it before your arrival. You can send an email or sms about your hour of arrival and somebody will wait you in the bar and gives you the keys. If you will come later and you don´t send us info about this, it is possible to take keys in the bar/reception Saturnin, if this bar is open. When the bar will be closed we will arrange handover of the keys for you in the reception of hotel Ostas. It is hotel with non-stop reception on the second side of street. Adress of this hotel is Orebitská 8, Prague 3

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